Do you ever ask why does my pet have bad breath?  That is a common reason for animals to  visit the clinic.  We usually can demonstrate a level of dental disease in your pet’s mouth as the culprit.  Dogs and cats have the same physiology in their mouths as we do.  So it would be no wonder that dental disease came makes its way unto your pet’s teeth.  We brush our teeth once to twice a day minimum.  Our pet’s teeth are not the top of the list of priorities to brush each day.  Even owners dedicated to brushing have a hard time doing it enough to make an impact.  About 80% of dogs that come into veterinary clinics and 70% of cats have dental disease.  It is the bacteria that gets trapped around that tarter that gives the bad breath.  This leads to infection.

February is National Pet Dental month and we have a goal to at our clinic to eliminate any preventable dental disease in our patients.  We are offering a free dental exam for the month of February and if your pet needs a dental cleaning, you will receive 10 % off the total procedure this month as well.  Give us a call at (517) 521-4207  and schedule your pet’s free dental exam!